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Micro Markets

A COVID-19 Solution

If you’re looking for a retail sector that is rapidly growing and shouldn’t be ignored, look no further than micro markets. Micro Markets are similar to modern convenience stores in terms of appearance and feel, but they function in the realm of vending, food service, and refreshment services. If you’re looking for a convenient way to grab a quick bite and/or drink, be sure to consider this leading way of vending.
Micro markets are a great way to increase the variety of products you offer. One micro market machine can stock around 275 products, while a traditional vending machine can only hold up to about 40 items maximum. The ability to increase in product allows you to cater to more dietary restrictions, making you a more versatile location. These machines also have the advantage of being cashless, so consumers can spend less time in line and can easily use this as a quick pit-stop. This means that consumers can purchase multiple items in a single transaction and are more likely to spend four times as much per transaction. All of this makes micro markets an excellent option for businesses looking to improve their customer service and bottom line.


Unlike convenience stores, Micro Markets, are convenient, touchless, and forward-thinking amid COVID-19. We offer multiple options custom created to fit your every business need!

All your snack needs are literally at the tip of your fingers and allow you to shop straight from your phone. 

Touch-Less System

When your company installs one of our Micro Markets in your office or business, it runs entirely on your phone. Simply download the app, and your phone will recognize when you are close to the market. Now, all your snack needs are literally at the tip of your fingers and allow you to shop straight from your phone. 

No time to check what’s available? You can shop the market from the comforts of your own desk. Not only does the app help display your current inventory, but it also functions as a self-checkout by transforming a phone’s camera into a self-scanner. You simply scan the barcode of the products you wish to purchase and checkout right through the app. This system saves you time and hassle and means you’ll always have extra time for other parts of your business.

This type of system doesn’t solemnly rely on an app, we also offer a traditional kiosk similar to what you would see at a self-checkout at a grocery store. You can set up an account with the system and can use the kiosk to check out your items. If you are still wanting to use cash, the kiosk will grant you the ability to add cash as balance and then spend it through your account!

What does this system mean for you? This system is guarantee that you will receive your selection every time. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for your product to be dispensed for it to only get stuck in the process, making you lose time and money.  I-Vend™ technology uses an infrared light sensing unit consisting of a light emitter and receiver. During the first vend cycle, if a product is not sensed by the iVend™ system, the system waits one second then initiates a second vend cycle and rotates the helix until the product is sensed as dropped. A satisfied patron every time!

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