Midwest Vending supplies all the fresh, name brand snacks you crave. Not only are we focused on offering traditional snacks, but also healthier options for those looking for items lower in calories, carbs, fat, etc.

Whatever you choose, the selection is completely customized to your specifications. 
At Midwest Vending, our wide assortment of products will exceed all of your expectations. All of our products are inspected and picked by a dedicated professional, so you never get busted chips or melted candy bars.

​We are also leading the charge in healthy alternatives, providing a superior selection of premium snacks and beverages that are nutritious and delicious.

We don’t make back room exclusivity deals where we only sell one brand of product like many other companies. We are constantly looking at what is fresh and new in the market and introducing it to our customers to keep your shopping experience fun and interesting. ” -James Malmgren, Owner 
Arvada, CO 80002